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Coping with College Roommates

The College Series: A Simple Strategy To Survive College For First Year Students

Dear New College Student: Congrats! You have made it through that magical, frustrating experience that is high school and are headed off to college! Here is a simple strategy¬†to survive college: Take It Slow Didn’t see that one coming? I know. I’m sure everyone in your life is telling you that “these will be the […]

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The College Series: Letting Go. Four Things Every Parent Needs To Practice When Their Student Leaves For College

Letting Go For the last 18 years or so, a main part of your identity has been about being a parent. You’ve been known as “Emily’s mom.” Your days have been structured around your child’s schedule: what time school begins, what lunch needs they¬†have, what time you have to get to practice, and what groceries […]

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