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Let Go

Let Go and Make Space

  A fantasy I have fostered over many years is if I just do the things better and harder and more then finally, I will be seen, heard, and cared for.   This is not my first post on this theme yet it’s still relevant. I’ve been thinking about my lifetime of hanging on, no […]

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New Year, More Me

For better or worse, the holidays are over. We are now inundated with messages about change and self-improvement, often with an emphasis on diet and exercise. There is so much pressure to be different. You know, new year, new me. I find myself struggling to push back against the narrative that I must change something […]

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Confessions of a Recovering Know It All

  I have recently reached a new level of understanding of the value of acknowledging that I don’t know the answer for something. Growing up I was often asked to function above my level of ability or development. There was little room for not knowing. Not knowing was dangerous and unacceptable on some level. So, […]

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Pansexual Pride

Today is Pansexual pride day. I just happened to notice it on social media, it warmed my pandemic heart. Happy Pan Pride!!! It took me a long time to embrace my sexuality and find a term that fit for me and my internal experience of my sexuality. I was 30 when I first heard the […]

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Six Stages of Covid-19 Acceptance

I enjoy my fantasy of being able to control things, it makes the world feel safer and more manageable. My illusions of control over my life have been severely challenged by this pandemic. I think that has been true for many of us. I enjoy my fantasy of being able to control things, it makes […]

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Love Yourself: You’ll Like Others More

Brené Brown (my researcher crush) says that we can only be as compassionate with others as we are with ourselves. I remember when I first read this, it was a big blow. I considered myself a very compassionate person however I was also incredibly perfectionistic and harsh with myself. This just did not compute for […]

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Reject Being Likable!

There are two common things I hear in my office. One is that clients are often wondering how to find people who they can really connect with. The second is people are often afraid to be truly seen due to fear of rejection. What I have learned is that people often settle for being, nice […]

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The Wounded Healer

During my early years in graduate school the faculty encouraged us to engage in our own self-exploration and therapy. I knew this was a good idea. I even tried to find a therapist, but I ran into one big problem. The more I knew about the therapeutic process the more difficult it was to find […]

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