Meet Us

Dr. Hannah Joy Roberts

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY27352)

Dr. Hannah Roberts

Feminist/Multicultural Therapist, Empath, Traveler, Nature Lover

I work with a wide range of individuals, from adolescents to those in later adulthood. I also work with Cal Poly students, faculty, and staff to manage the difficult cycles of stress that come with the quarter system. With over a decade of experience working in university counseling centers across the country, I offer college students and recent graduates the support they need to manage difficult transitions.

I work with individuals who value an in-depth, personalized therapy experience. I focus on supporting individuals facing stress, work-life balance, substance misuse, codependency, and trauma recovery, as well as those wishing to deepen relationships. I am culturally sensitive, honoring your unique experience and story.

I’m passionate about the personal transformation that comes through therapy. I love working with curious individuals who are looking to better understand themselves, their emotions, and their relationships. I provide a safe space, while offering a creative therapeutic style. At times, this means engaging newer forms of therapy, such as nature therapy, offered in a serene, grounding beach environment, or video therapy, where we meet virtually, from the comfort of your own home.

I offer expertise, guidance and support to help you create a life that is balanced, authentic, and whole. You have been working so hard to grow and create a full, authentic life. You don’t have to do it all alone. Feel more grounded in your body and self-awareness. Get unstuck in the areas of creativity, mind-body, and relationships. Know how to recognize and advocate for your needs. Understand and give value to your emotions. View yourself with compassion and empathy. Develop a self-care practice that works for you.

As the Co-Founder of Thrive SLO, I am available to support motivated individuals, deepening their life satisfaction and balance. I believe each of us has an inner guide that, when nurtured, knows exactly what we need. Together, we will tailor a unique self-care plan for you to thrive.

Dr. Sarah Joy Park

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY27418)

Dr. Sarah Park

Connector, Gestalt Therapist, Adventurer, Trauma Healer, Food Lover

I am a dynamic, warm, funny, creative, psychotherapist. I officially started seeing clients in 2007 but was a therapist and healer long before my degree program. My approach to therapy is awareness focused, authentic, and holistic.

I believe in the transformative power of connection, presence, and telling our stories. I work with you to discover your tools for self-transformation, healing and wellness. I want more for you than simply feeling better. I will support you to live your life as a fully connected, present and thriving human.

I also identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Currently, I am focusing on supporting members of the transgender community through free letter writing for gender affirming surgery. I am also restricting any new ongoing clients to those in the trans/gender variant/genderfluid community.

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Dr. Megan Payer

Registered Psychological Assistant

Dr. Megan Payer

I am a registered psychological assistant, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and registered yoga teacher. I received my doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology in 2019. My interests include the unique human experience, neuropsychology, meditation and yoga, and somatic psychology. While I consider myself an existential-humanistic therapist, I also draw from many theoretical frameworks to inform my style, based on what each individual needs.

I have extensive experience treating anxiety, depression, spiritual issues, trauma, neurodevelopment disorders, moderate to severe psychiatric illness, addiction, and the stress that comes with significant life transitions. I enjoy working with people who are interested in learning about themselves and how they can live more authentically. Some of my clients seek help with: managing chronic mental illness and substance use, developing and using coping strategies, deeply exploring questions around gender identity, setting boundaries with themselves and others, and learning to see their highly sensitive nature as a strength to be harnessed for a happier and more fulfilling life. I am dedicated to helping people heal themselves through the alchemy of psychotherapy.