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The College Series: A Simple Strategy To Survive College For First Year Students

Dear New College Student: Congrats! You have made it through that magical, frustrating experience that is high school and are headed off to college! Here is a simple strategy to survive college: Take It Slow Didn’t see that one coming? I know. I’m sure everyone in your life is telling you that “these will be the […]

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The College Series: Letting Go. Four Things Every Parent Needs To Practice When Their Student Leaves For College

Letting Go For the last 18 years or so, a main part of your identity has been about being a parent. You’ve been known as “Emily’s mom.” Your days have been structured around your child’s schedule: what time school begins, what lunch needs they have, what time you have to get to practice, and what groceries […]

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The Wounded Healer

During my early years in graduate school the faculty encouraged us to engage in our own self-exploration and therapy. I knew this was a good idea. I even tried to find a therapist, but I ran into one big problem. The more I knew about the therapeutic process the more difficult it was to find […]

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Giving To The Last Drop

  Giving To The Last Drop I’m a giver and a caretaker. I am also an empath, someone who is very good at sensing others energy and emotional state. So I am very responsive to people’s moods around me, which is wonderful and often draining. As a woman, a person in a healing profession, and […]

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What is Nature Therapy with Thrive San Luis Obispo

What is Nature Therapy?

What is Nature Therapy? I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order. ~John Burroughs Nature therapy is an innovative form of psychotherapy that we find uniquely useful. It can be most beneficial in coping with stress, anxiety, and relationship challenges. While many of us instinctively feel better […]

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