Beginning 2018: Updates from the Psychologists at Thrive San Luis Obispo

Beginning 2018: Updates from Thrive SLO

Checking In

Wow! It’s already February of 2018! How was your first month of the year? Did you try anything different? Any resolutions or intentions that you started the year with? How did it go? Now is a perfect time to step back and review your work of the past month to see what worked well and what you might want to readjust. We took a one-month media fast while we were hard at work behind the scenes (in both our personal lives, as well as as psychologists at Thrive). And it was the best thing we could have done! We are so excited for 2018 and we’re finally feeling ready to share a few updates with you! Here are a few things happening in 2018:

Our Space

We are loving our little office suite on Monterey and California! We can’t believe that we’ve already been there for 9 months and it is finally feeling like home. We couldn’t have a better neighbor than Juli at Savvi Spa and the space feels fresh and healing. Sometime soon we’ll have an open house so you all can stop by!

Types of Therapy and Coaching

You may not have realized, but we have some pretty unique ways that we support our clients. Not only do we offer traditional, one-on-one counseling in our lovely office (see above), but as psychologists, we also meet with counseling clients from all over California via secure, online video sessions, and we can coach virtually anyone anywhere in the world through that option. We also continue to offer nature therapy sessions throughout SLO County for a select number of clients.

Adding to Our Hours

We now have appointments available weekdays, weeknights, and weekends. Dr. Roberts and Dr. Park have each extended their hours for Thrive clients as the practice has grown and both have openings for a few new clients this month.

Adding to Our Team

We are thrilled to be bringing on Dr. Lisa Slover as a Psychological Assistant. Dr. Slover will be focusing on working with adolescents and their families, as well as with new moms, especially those experiencing postpartum anxiety and depression. You’ll be hearing more from her soon. While Dr. Slover is working toward her license as a psychologist, she will be supervised by Dr. Roberts and Dr. Park and will also be able to see clients at a reduced fee. Feel free to contact us if you would like to schedule now.

Adding to Our Services

All of our providers are now seeing adolescents (14 & up), college students, and adults. We work with men and women from all walks of life. We offer inclusive services with an emphasis on cultural humility and specialize in supporting members of the LGBTQ community and their families. We now offer one free session for trans individuals needing a support letter for gender affirming services, as we feel this is an important way to give back to our community.

Adding Online Scheduling

Ok, we’ll admit it: We’re Millennials (or Xennials…), so we prefer that scheduling be easy and streamlined for your lives and ours! We’ve now added the option for new and current clients to schedule appointments online. No more phone tag, where you call us and leave a message while we are in session, just so we end up calling you back while you are busy with your life! Although, we absolutely can still schedule the old-school way if that works better for you!

What’s Next?

We have all kinds of ideas cooking for online classes and support groups and local collaborations! We love how starting our own practice has allowed us to get as creative as we can to better support you! And we want to hear from you: How can we help you thrive in your own life? Is there something you’ve been looking for? Is there something we can offer? We’ll be doing some polling on our Instagram Stories over the next few weeks, but feel free to comment on this post orĀ drop us a line and share your thoughts anytime!

Let’s make 2018 our year to thrive!!


Dr. Hannah & Dr. Sarah

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