About Thrive San Luis Obispo

Thrive offers personalized therapy and coaching in San Luis Obispo, California and online with licensed clinical psychologists. Discover and grow to your greatest potential. We support you through evidence based holistic practices. Unearth what is standing in your way and develop awareness, strategies, tools and practices to live your best life.

We don’t want to just manage your symptoms, we want to heal your whole being.

We have seen first-hand that our minds, bodies and souls are all interconnected, therefore we believe that true holistic healing requires a multidisciplinary approach. Thrive is a boutique therapy office, working closely with a growing collective of healers dedicated to your growth. We construct a complete wellness plan that addresses you as a whole person.

We love living life fully on California's Central Coast! We continue to be awed by the many ways that nature heals and inspires ourselves and our clients. We believe in balance, and for us that means a little cheese, some good local wine, epic hikes and working hard to support our clients in finding their own thriving paths.

Step Into The Life You Deserve. Don't Just Survive Life, THRIVE.